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China's machining industry is facing unprecedented competiti

Release date:2021/08/16

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China's machining industry is facing unprecedented competition:

Machinery manufacturing industry is not only the cornerstone of national economic development, but also the basis of enhancing national competitiveness. At present, the world is accelerating the transition from an industrialized society to an information society. Advanced manufacturing technology is of great significance to improve the country's core competitiveness.

Advanced manufacturing technology is a set of systematic technology that the traditional manufacturing industry continuously absorbs the achievements of modern management technology of machinery, information and materials, and comprehensively applies it to the whole manufacturing process of product development and design, manufacturing, testing, management and after-sales service. Internationally, the manufacturing industry dominated by computer integrated manufacturing system has entered the stage of integration, networking, agility, virtualization, intelligence and green. At present, manufacturing technology is developing in the direction of ultra precision, less energy consumption and no pollution. Reducing energy consumption and increasingly strict environmental and resource constraints make green manufacturing more and more important, and will become an important feature of manufacturing in the 21st century-- machining

At present, China's machining industry is facing unprecedented competition. The main form of competition is price competition. Behind the price competition is the crisis of the industry.

First, product R & D capability lags behind the development of market demand. The reporter learned that at present, the mechanical processing enterprises with product R & D capability are less than 10%. Many processing and manufacturing enterprises do not want R & D, but lack R & D strength and resources. With the product life cycle approaching, many enterprises can only make some changes in appearance, and it is difficult to make a qualitative breakthrough in design concept, process transformation, new material application and so on. Although the government has provided some platforms for the combination of industry, University and research, the effect is very little. Enterprises rely more on their own weak strength to make low-level improvement-- machining

In addition, it is difficult for small-scale enterprises to support the supply chain. Many enterprises are at two ends. Raw materials come from a thousand kilometers away, and products are sold to a thousand kilometers away, one to two thousand kilometers away. The logistics cost remains high. However, the enterprise scale is small, and the products lack high added value, so it is difficult to digest these logistics costs. What is more prominent is that some supporting mechanical products cannot form industrial clusters locally. The single parts produced by enterprises should be supplied to the main engine factory thousands of miles away. If the main engine factory is located to form an industrial cluster and the supply chain is basically formed, the external competition will be relatively weak-- machining

At present, the added value of China's manufacturing industry ranks fourth in the world, about one quarter of the United States and one half of Japan, close to Germany. The gap between China and developed countries is characterized by large energy consumption and serious pollution. The energy consumption of manufacturing products and output value accounts for about 63% of the national primary energy consumption. The average energy consumption per unit product is 20% - 30% higher than the international advanced level. The pollution per unit output value is much higher than that in developed countries. 67.6% of SO2 emissions in China are generated by thermal power plants and industrial boilers. China's manufacturing products are mainly low-end, with low added value, and the added value rate is only 26.23%, 22.99%, 22.12% and 11.69% lower than that of the United States, Japan and Germany respectively. Exports are mainly labor-intensive and low technology products, and the industrial structure is unreasonable.

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